“ Putting together designer dress rental, beauty services & photo studio under the same roof the idea of “aKiller Beauty” studio was born – a secret place, where girls just can have fun ”


The big idea started out with our co-founder and CEO, Daria Ryvkina, who through her childhood and teenage years demonstrated intense love for fashion and photography. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at Moscow State University and post-graduate studies in Event, Sport and Entertainment Administration from GLION University, Switzerland, Daria’s professional career began in 2014 with a move to the USA, where she took up a key role at a leading PR agency, working with Dior, D&G, Chanel.

She visited Bangkok for a first time in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the Thais. This prompted her to gather her team to move to Bangkok, in less than a year after, to open a completely new concept with the theme “For Girls By Girls”, fully establishing her passion for fashion and photography as well as her dedication to helping individuals from all fractions of life.


Women in Thailand are very beautiful and love to have fun, therefore I decided to open a place where each girl (and I believe that every girl is a girl no matter what age she is) can get ready for any occasion, while saving time & money.

– Daria

Our Amazing Team

The aKiller Beauty crew comprises skilled, well-trained, and all-round professionals whose primary goal is to make you happy. Each & every of our operations are backed by our passion and belief that every girl deserves to elegance.